12 de mar. de 2008


I'm very happy for the article about chess and my profile that came out today in Detroit's Metro Times. However, there are a few inconsistencies (as is normal in any article written by someone who is not part of the chess scene): I am no way number 100 in the world. Rather, I'm number 100 in Brazil, and the 50th highest ranked Brazilian player, if we only count the ones that are active. Also, I am not an international master. This confusion occurs because the U.S. considers any player who has an American rating between 2200 and 2399 a master (above that it's senior master). My FIDE rating now is 2291. Readers of Portuguese, please see below.

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Anônimo disse...

Parabéns Silvio, pela matéria e pela paixão por um dos jogos mais fascinantes do mundo. Abraços, Luisa

Anônimo disse...

There's an upcoming tournament in Canada in nearby Guelph, a couple hours distance northeast of Windsor-Detroit. They plan to play at the U of Guelph university centre on the weekend of 20th April. $50 - pro section; $30 - others. TD & IA Hal Bond, also president of the CFC, runs this event, usually getting 75-100 Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara, Kitchener-Waterloo, London (Ont.), etc players involved, with ~10-20% or more of candidate master or better strength. 5 rounds: 3 saturday & 2 sunday. Site: http://www.chessexpress.ca/guelphproam/ ; email: halbond@rogers.com .